cammekan 2003 // in the beginning…

“cammekan” is a telematic art installation, which was designed and actualized by Özgür Özakın, Önder Sevimli, Funda Şenova Tunalı, Umut Şumnu and Veli Şafak Uysal for the graduate course Image, Time and Motion II at Institute of Fine Arts, Bilkent University in 2003.*

Keywords: invasion of space, invasion of body, telematic art, immersion, implosion.

Designed & Actualized by: Özgür Özakın, Önder Sevimli, Funda Şenova Tunalı, Umut Şumnu, Veli Safak Uysal.

“…there was the computer game titled “Space Invaders.” It all began with the question of whether it was actually possible to talk about actually invading the space of another body (be it a building, a person…etc.) in other than extra-terrestrial/celestial terms. The works of a number of artists conducted so far under the heading “telematic art” have offered to us the means, whereas the main building of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Bilkent University provided the site for experimentation. What followed was a project initially intended to be put into operation in three different phases & forms, each with its own potential and limitations.

The very first attempts to experiment with the idea, motivated by a series of questions of the “how will it work?” kind, took place between 13-15th of May 2003 as an installation-work in progress.”

* The text in this website was written by Umut Şumnu.